Weather Pilot

Weather Pilot provides easy access to TAF(Terminal Aerodrome Forecast) and METAR(Meteorological Aerodrome Report) data for any ICAO and most IATA identifiers around the world.  Users are not limited to just one station’s weather, they can add as many stations as they want to the weather view and reorder the stations.  The application also comes with it’s own database of station geo-location information so users can see the latitude, longitude, and elevation.  Additionally, a direct link to the latest FAA NOTAMS publication is available from the app for each ICAO identifier.

METAR and TAF weather

BlackBerry 10 Main screen METAR and TAF view

Add Screen Near Me

BlackBerry 10 Add Near Me showing locations near the user.

Features of the app

  • Retrieve METAR and TAF for any ICAO and most IATA
  • Display previous 6 hours of METAR observations (Android 4.2+ only)
  • View Geographic details for a station(i.e. latitude, longitude, elevation, etc.)
  • Save favorites
  • Find stations near users current location (BlackBerry 10 only)
  • Save latest METAR and TAF of currently viewed stations for offline viewing (Android 4.2+ only)
  • Remove advertisements (BlackBerry 10 only)

This application uses advertisements as well as in-app purchases to help offset the cost of development and hosting of this site and back-end services.  If you enjoy the app I would greatly appreciate positive reviews in the Android and BlackBerry app stores.  It keeps me motivated and helps others find the app.

Please note that BlackBerry OS 6 and 7 as well as pre-4.2 for Android are no longer receiving active development.