Weather Pilot 2.8.1 released for Android

This update includes new features, an enhanced user interface, and minor bug fixes.

  • When adding a station users will see that the look and feel of the favorites list has changed for the better.  The buttons and text are bigger and if a user swipes one of the favorites to the left they will be given the option to remove the favorite from their list.  Previously a station had to be added to the active weather screen in order to remove it from the favorites.
  • Another change to the add station functionality is that users can now search for a station if they don’t know the ICAO or IATA.  This feature takes advantage of the local database in the application to look for any stations whose ICAO, IATA, or Name contain the string in the search box.
  • Lastly, the tutorial has been fixed so that on smaller screens the user can scroll vertically to see all of the contents on a page.

Hopefully you will find these changes add to the value of the application.  As time permits I’ll be adding more features and updating the user interface to make the application a more enjoyable experience.

Weather Pilot for BlackBerry updated

Version 2.2 of Weather Pilot has been released fixing the METAR and TAF download issue.

Weather Pilot for BlackBerry Issues

Update 26 Feb:  Still no word from BlackBerry support on whether they have recieved my ticket.  Sorry for this downtime.

I want to apoligize for users of the BlackBerry 10 version of Weather Pilot.  I have a release to fix the issues with the METAR and TAF data not loading but am unable to submit the build through App World due to technical difficulties.  I have contacted support and am waiting on their response.

Weather Pilot version 2.6 released for Android

Updated the Android version of Weather Pilot to use HTTPS for data retrieval. In the near future this will be required for the app to work as HTTP connections will not be permitted. Please update at the next opportunity.

METAR and TAF Services down

The service used to retrieve weather data is down. It is actively being worked on and once back online Weather Pilot should start displaying the most recent weather data. For updates on the status of the service please check

Weather Pilot 2.5 Released

Weather Pilot version 2.5 has been release for Android 4.4 and newer. The release adds several new features.

  • Option for users to make a one-time purchase to remove all advertisements.
  • Tutorial that launches the first time the application is run.
  • Change Log so users can view the history of changes.
  • Menu option to email the developer with all recorded problems from the current session.

I will be working on updating the application for pre-4.4 Android versions shortly.

Update: Pre-4.4 application released in the Play Store.

Station Info Parser Library

I’ve released the project I created to parse station details from to github.  The library is written in C# .NET  version 4.5.2.  It should be easy to port it over to an earlier version of .NET or even .NET Core if needed.  Feel free to take a look and make some pull requests if you have bug fixes or new features.  Any new feature must have Unit tests defined to validate functionality.  As I make updates I’ll post them to the github site for anyone to use.

Release 2.4.6 fixes Android pre-4.4 issues

Release 2.4.6 was pushed out a week ago that fixed an issue with Android releases 4.2.2 – 4.4.1 where the app would launch but adding stations didn’t function.

Weather Pilot for Android updated

Version 2.3.0 of Weather Pilot for Android has been released.  This update adds viewing of the previous six hours of METAR data for a station to the main view.  Click on METAR History under the station weather box to see the history.  To get back to the main view that shows both the latest METAR and TAF click on Current.  An additional menu was also added that will serve as the application menu for things like Settings in the future.  For now it provides a link to the About page for the application that lets users know the current version of the application they are running and how to contact me with support questions.