METAR and TAF Services down

The service used to retrieve weather data is down. It is actively being worked on and once back online Weather Pilot should start displaying the most recent weather data. For updates on the status of the service please check

Station Info Parser Library

I’ve released the project I created to parse station details from to github.  The library is written in C# .NET  version 4.5.2.  It should be easy to port it over to an earlier version of .NET or even .NET Core if needed.  Feel free to take a look and make some pull requests if you have bug fixes or new features.  Any new feature must have Unit tests defined to validate functionality.  As I make updates I’ll post them to the github site for anyone to use.

Future Development

With the announcement today from BlackBerry about OS 10 being actively worked on for the foreseeable future I will be continuing to update Weather Pilot 10 for BlackBerry.  Additionally, I will be focusing more of my time on Android Weather Pilot since it hasn’t had a major update in over two years.  Once the Android version is updated to include the latest features that are available on BlackBerry the two will be maintained in sync.

I appreciate your continued support and great feedback.  As always if you come across any issues let me know so I can address them.  Otherwise, I hope you continue to find that Weather Pilot meets your needs for TAF and METAR data.

Weather Pilot 10 fix in the works

Weather Pilot 10 for BlackBerry is currently not showing any METAR or TAF data.  A fix is in the works to resolve this issue.  I apologize for for the application not functioning as advertised.