Weather Pilot 10 is Built for BlackBerry

Weather Pilot 10 is officially a Built for BlackBerry application

Weather Pilot 10 is officially a Built for BlackBerry application

Over the last few months I’ve been working to get the BlackBerry version of Weather Pilot 10 certified as a Built for BlackBerry application and at the beginning of June it happened!

Change log for version
– Splash screens for all devices and orientations
– Grabs latest METAR From last 4 hours
– Grabs latest TAF from last 24 hours
– Fixed bug where activity indicator never went away when searching for Nearby stations with GPS turned off

Weather Pilot 10 fixed

A fix for Weather Pilot 10 on BlackBerry is now available.  Please check in the App World for a new release to download.

Weather Pilot 10 fix in the works

Weather Pilot 10 for BlackBerry is currently not showing any METAR or TAF data.  A fix is in the works to resolve this issue.  I apologize for for the application not functioning as advertised.

Weather Pilot 10 updated

A new version of Weather Pilot 10 has been released for BlackBerry 10.  This latest release brings the app version to and with it a few enhancements.  The biggest enhancement is that users can now remove advertising from the app via a one time purchase.

Other updates included in this release are
– Fix for the forever busy indicator when looking for locations nearby
– Showing a place holder on the main screen when all stations are removed; this place holder gives the user a quick way to add stations and see the latest weather
– App version shown in the About page